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What Services Should Be Included for Measurement in Value-Based Contracts?

By Stephanie Graham | September 2, 2020
Blog Series: The Value of Value-Based Care v1.02 - Stephanie Graham, Vice President Payer Innovation, Apervita

Shared Analytics to Promote Value-Based Contract Success

By Apervita , Inc. | July 15, 2020
Authors: Stephanie Graham, Vice President of Payer Innovation, Apervita and Shweta Shanbhag, Director, Product Strategy, Apervita

Why Transitioning to Digital Is Essential for Cost Savings & Precision Measurement

By Apervita , Inc. | July 13, 2020
Authors: Kareem Saad, President & COO, Apervita and Kaley Simon, Director, Market Solutions, Apervita

The Need for Value-Centric Collaboration

By Stephanie Graham | May 26, 2020
Blog Series: The Value of Value-Based Care v1.01 - Stephanie Graham, Senior Director, Professional Services, Apervita

Protecting Healthcare Data Demands Deep Encryption and Controlled Access

By Apervita , Inc. | March 26, 2020
Authors: Michael Oltman, Chief Technology Officer, Apervita and Marty Jablonski, Information Security Officer, Apervita

Digital Quality Measurement Is Here. Are You Ready?

By Blackford Middleton, MD, MPH, MS | February 14, 2020
Authors: Blackford Middleton, MD, MPH, MSc - Chief Informatics and Innovation Officer, Apervita & Benjamin Hamlin, MPH - Senior Research Informaticist, Performance Measurement, NCQA

NCQA Guest Blog: An eCQM Advancement and What It Means

By Apervita , Inc. | February 12, 2020
Posted on the NCQA Blog on February 12, 2020 by Matt Brock

How Back-Office Automation Can Transform the Payer Customer Experience

By Alex Kane | November 14, 2019
Back-office automation is a core component of payer digital transformation, affecting much more than just the bottom line. Patient-centric operational workflows save money, improve quality and,. . .

Easing the Burden of Digital Quality Measurement: How NCQA’s Digital Transformation Is Changing Healthcare

By Alex Kane | October 18, 2019
With the broad scale availability of digital health information, quality measurement has evolved to take advantage of the rich clinical information contained within electronic health records.. . .

Three Takeaways from NCQA’s Healthcare Quality Congress

By Kevin Weinstein | October 7, 2019
Late last week, I had the opportunity to spend three very informative days at the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Healthcare Quality Congress (HQC) with a variety of industry. . .

Six Ways to Build a Successful Platform Strategy

By Alex Kane | April 16, 2019
According to a recent McKinsey Report, leaders in the healthcare services and technology market will be large-scale platform players who act as “ecosystem integrators...integrating a range of. . .

Get to Know Apervita: Mattie Langenberg, Senior UX Developer/Chicago HTML5 Meetup Organizer

By Alex Kane | February 21, 2019
Apervita's team is a powerful mix of healthcare and technology pioneers and experts. Or, as Senior UX Developer Mattie Langenberg calls them, "wicked smart people." Mattie's been on the Apervita. . .

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