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How Blues Are Advancing Quality Measurement in Massachusetts & North Carolina

Apervita sat down with three industry leaders in the movement for value-based care to better understand their perspective and expertise in quality measurement, specifically as it relates to. . .

The Learning Health System: A Framework to Mitigating COVID-25 and Beyond

Kaley Simon, Vice President, Customer Success, Sales Operations & Market Solutions, Apervita

The Importance of Member Attribution in Value-Based Contracting

Blog Series: The Value of Value-Based Care v1.03 - Stephanie Graham, Vice President of Payer Innovation, Apervita

Leveraging Learnings to Optimize the Future of CQL (Clinical Quality Language)

What the Experience of Other DSLs Can Teach Us Andy Schriever, Vice President, Data Engineering, Apervita

What Services Should Be Included for Measurement in Value-Based Contracts?

Blog Series: The Value of Value-Based Care v1.02 - Stephanie Graham, Vice President Payer Innovation, Apervita

Why Transitioning to Digital Is Essential for Cost Savings & Precision Measurement

By Apervita , Inc. | July 13, 2020
Authors: Kareem Saad, President & COO, Apervita and Kaley Simon, Director, Market Solutions, Apervita

The Need for Value-Centric Collaboration

Blog Series: The Value of Value-Based Care v1.01 - Stephanie Graham, Senior Director, Professional Services, Apervita

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