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Why Transitioning to Digital Is Essential for Cost Savings & Precision Measurement

Kaley Simon, Vice President, Customer Success, Sales Operations & Market Solutions, Apervita

The Need for Value-Centric Collaboration

Blog Series: The Value of Value-Based Care v1.01 - Stephanie Graham, Senior Director, Professional Services, Apervita

Protecting Healthcare Data Demands Deep Encryption and Controlled Access

Traditional healthcare security has evolved since the HITECH Act of 2009, but as healthcare companies move to the cloud and off-premise hosting providers, status quo security requirements have. . .

Digital Quality Measurement Is Here. Are You Ready?

By Blackford Middleton, MD, MPH, MSc | February 14, 2020
Authors: Blackford Middleton, MD, MPH, MSc - Chief Informatics and Innovation Officer, Apervita & Benjamin Hamlin, MPH - Senior Research Informaticist, Performance Measurement, NCQA

NCQA Guest Blog: An eCQM Advancement and What It Means

By Apervita , Inc. | February 12, 2020
Posted on the NCQA Blog on February 12, 2020 by Matt Brock

How Back-Office Automation Can Transform the Payer Customer Experience

By Apervita , Inc. | November 14, 2019
Back-office automation is a core component of payer digital transformation, affecting much more than just the bottom line. Patient-centric operational workflows save money, improve quality and,. . .

Easing the Burden of Digital Quality Measurement: How NCQA’s Digital Transformation Is Changing Healthcare

By Apervita , Inc. | October 18, 2019
With the broad scale availability of digital health information, quality measurement has evolved to take advantage of the rich clinical information contained within electronic health records.. . .

Three Takeaways From NCQA’s Healthcare Quality Congress

By Apervita , Inc. | October 7, 2019
Late last week, we had the opportunity to spend three very informative days at the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) Healthcare Quality Congress (HQC) with a variety of industry. . .

Six Ways to Build a Successful Platform Strategy

By Apervita , Inc. | April 16, 2019
According to a recent McKinsey Report, leaders in the healthcare services and technology market will be large-scale platform players who act as “ecosystem integrators...integrating a range of. . .

HIMSS 2019 Takeaways: What A Difference a Few Years Make

By Apervita , Inc. | February 19, 2019
Despite the team's 20+ years experience in healthcare IT companies, none of us had actually been to HIMSS since 2016. With that time and distance, we were struck by how the physical changes we. . .

ONC 2018 Report Recommends Shared Access to Clinical Data

By Apervita , Inc. | January 14, 2019
Patients, providers and payers need shared access to clinical data and insights in order to generate real value from that data, according to a new report published by the Office of the National. . .

Q&A With Apervita CIIO, Dr. Blackford Middleton

By Apervita , Inc. | December 17, 2018
Dr. Blackford Middleton, Chief Informatics and Innovation Officer at Apervita, is a leading pioneer in clinical informatics. He is internationally recognized for his early and continued work in. . .

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