Healthcare Innovation Congratulates Vendor Winners in the 2021 Innovator Awards Program

Two vendor organizations—Apervita and Change Healthcare—were recognized by the editors at Healthcare Innovation, for their innovations in leveraging technology to improve data and image management in healthcare

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NASHVILLE, TN, July 20, 2021 – The editors at Healthcare Innovation, one of the leading publications in the healthcare executive management space, on July 20, 2021, announced the winning organizations in the vendors division of the publication’s annual Innovator Awards Program. This year, the editors named the Chicago-based Apervita Inc. and the Nashville-based Change Healthcare to be the winning organizations in the vendors division of the program. Both organizations are offering the market solutions that speak to the goals of innovation and advancement in the industry.

In the case of Apervita, that company’s innovation centers around support for outcomes reporting required by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission, the nation’s accreditation agency for healthcare organizations (HCOs), believes in standardized quality measurement and was one of the first to leverage it to transform its operations. The Joint Commission wanted to further empower their accredited hospitals and HCOs by adopting digital measures to provide more valuable and timely insights and reduce the required resources to do so. The agency leveraged the scalable environment of the Apervita Vital Platform and components of Apervita’s Quality Measurement Solutions to design the cloud-based Direct Data Submission Platform (DDSP), a cost-effective, efficient solution that enables the agency’s accredited HCOs to directly and quickly submit eCQM data, while empowering them with continuous performance insights to proactively manage quality improvement. The DDSP was created in a matter of months and enables HCOs to specify, develop, test, and execute digital measures/eCQMs, and create and distribute applications that use them, at scale and within a cloud environment.

“Apervita’s innovation in creating a cloud-based data submission platform is helping the leaders of patient care organizations to act more efficiently to gather and submit key data points to the Joint Commission,” said Healthcare Innovation Editor-in-Chief Mark Hagland. “We congratulate Apervita’s leaders in making this solution available to the industry.”

In the case of Change Healthcare, the area that that company has taken on is one of complexity and challenge: enhancement of enterprise imaging management. Managing imaging data storage and accessibility has emerged as one of the largest concerns for health systems and imaging organizations. Conventional imaging storage practices that leverage on-premise vendor-neutral archives (VNAs) are costly to maintain and update, can leave imaging data vulnerable to security threats, and pose accessibility issues due to downtime and scalability limitations. Fortunately, the leaders at Change Healthcare have been able to attack this set of problems head-on, developing the only major cloud-native, fully-managed SaaS enterprise imaging offering, known as the Change Healthcare Enterprise Imaging Network (EIN). The EIN makes it possible for organizations to pay only for the storage that they are actually using; they no longer need to overprovision to account for a potential increase in data storage, while cloud-native technology reduces the time it takes to migrate storage solutions from several years to a mere matter of weeks by expanding the resources needed to migrate a large amount of data at rest and subsequently scaling back to only what is needed for ongoing operations.

“Image storage and management continue to involve a set of deeply complex challenges,” said Healthcare Innovation Editor-in-Chief Mark Hagland. “We congratulate the leaders at Change Healthcare for their work in advancing image management and storage.”

Healthcare Innovation, published by the Nashville-based Endeavor Business Media, is one of the leading publications providing guidance and insights to the hospital, medical group, and health system executive audience. The publication’s coverage spans the spectrum from federal healthcare policy to operational management and healthcare information technology strategy; its editors have won a number of national editorial quality awards for their coverage of all the issues of interest to their readers.



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Apervita is committed to making the Learning Health System a reality. We make this possible through our quality measurement and clinical intelligence solutions powered by the Apervita Vital Platform. Our cloud-based, trusted collaboration platform and solutions enable payers, providers and other healthcare stakeholders to transform quality measurement and care delivery. Serving more than 60% of hospitals in the United States, Apervita conducts billions of computations and insights for our clients each year.

We’re on a journey to create transparency across the healthcare system to improve performance of care delivery. To realize a national Learning Health System, we must have commitment from all stakeholders to leverage interoperable systems, to measure quality using standardized methods and to provide First Time Quality by using the best evidence available at the point of care, one patient at a time.

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