WEBINAR-ON-DEMAND The Need for Healthcare Systems That Can Learn Fast: Lessons from COVID

The Case for a Learning Health System: Lessons From COVID-19 Feature Image

One way to mitigate future pandemics? Learn from the past and put that knowledge into action with best practices like a Learning Health System and Computable Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs).

Hear panelists (Dr. Blackford Middleton, Chief Informatics & Innovation Officer, Apervita; Dr. Michael Barr, Executive Vice President, NCQA & Dr. Christopher J. Tignanelli of University of Minnesota), discuss how deploying a loop of reinforced learning and translating evidence-based guidelines into digital guidelines helps not only improve healthcare, but save lives.

Watch to learn:

  • Why traditional approaches to formulating, publishing, and evolving clinical guidelines are too slow for a public health crisis like a natural disaster or a pandemic
  • The definition of Learning Health System and how it can improve the quality of healthcare
  • How adopting Clinical Practice Guidelines can help mitigate public health crises and improve healthcare